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    How long till we get print version? I was at Barnes and Noble christmass shopping for friends and as looking for Trilobyte and took me a few min to remember it's an audiable exclusive

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    I am also curious about this


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      Any word on a print version? I’ll patiently wait. Just curious. I’ve never been able to get into audio books.


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        I'm not legally allowed to release a print version until after March. I understand that you can't get into audiobooks but TRILOBYTE would not have been written without Audible. They paid me a small advance to write the book (it took a year) so that they could get 6 months exclusive audio rights. If Audible hadn't contracted me to write it, I would have retired from writing 2 years ago.

        It's going to be a lot of unpaid work to get TRILOBYTE ready for print. I'm not sure I have the time. I'll look into it, but no one is paying me to publish it in print or ebook. I'll need to pay a license fee of $2,000 for the audio cover to get that art, and then pay someone for layout and all the other BS. We'll see.


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          I understand completely. Please don’t feel like I fault you for anything. You deserve to be paid for your work.


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            Also, I’m glad audible was able to get TRILOBYTE done. I want to see you being published for the rest of my lifetime sir so I can read your books. If audible is the only way I can get your stuff then I’ll have to learn to like audio books. I’ve got a 3 hour flight to SHOT next week. Perhaps I’ll give it another shot. Pun not really intended