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2019 Novel Coronavirus: WWZ Boogaloo

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    Unavoidable. Stay frosty gentlemen.

    All non-essential has been banned in DFW. Real run on the stores now. I'm good to go, but I know my neighbors did not prepare. Makes me thankful I pulled the truck into the garage to unload my stockpiles, so they have no clue.


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      5 confirmed cases in my hometown. We are good on supplies. We will probably not see a shelter in place. Instead of this being a 2 week ordeal people will carry on business as usual until this blows up and the government forces a shelter in place.

      I'm only supposed to go to the office Thursdays and Fridays. I will be leaving my shoes on the porch and putting my clothes straight into the washing machine. This isn't just the flu. JL isn't fucking around with this and I'm following suite. Could be overkill would rather laugh about it later.

      Stay safe guys. Things will get better, but not until the idiots stop screwing around.


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        Governor here in Texas is working with the Texas State Guard now, through the Texas Military Department. For those who weren't aware Texas does indeed maintain it's own guard.

        Not sure how I feel about it, but cases are steadily rising here and I'm anticipating martial law if people wont abide by social Distancing and stay-at-home orders.


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          How's everyone holding up?


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            Our wonderful politicians here in MA are telling us in one sentence that we’re in the middle of the surge with no plans for re-opening the state and then in the next sentence saying we’re on a downward trend of infections.

            Was working this weekend and observed a significantly larger amount of traffic on the roads. I think people are feeling isolation fatigue. Mostly due to our “leaders” not providing an end date to this.

            The way this state is reporting deaths related to the China virus is incorrect mainly out of my cynical view that the more related deaths, the more federal funding the hospitals and health care can receive. The media is also blindly regurgitating this information to sell viewership and ratings through fear.

            I attached a really good article about the accountability that should and hopefully will come after all of this.